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Enclosure accessories
  • Enclosure accessories
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    Base plates, flanged plates & accessories

    KDR - Enclosure base plates for dust-proof cable routing

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Electronic enclosures which are used in industrial manufacturing processes have to be reliably protected against dirt and dust ingress. The conductivity of dust and dirt accumulations can otherwise lead to short circuits and their thermal insulation properties can cause overheating of single components. Machine downtime and, at worst, electric shock or fire accidents may be the result.

The base of an enclosure can be a weak point when cables and wires are not adequately sealed, and thus the protection of the enclosure cannot be maintained. Components for ventilation and air-conditioning generate an air flow which sucks the dust into the enclosure and spreads it. The icotek base plates KDR-ESR and KDR 2 provide the perfect solution for such problems.

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