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    We have been operating in the industrial automation field since 1965, distributing components for the pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum and fluid control sectors.

    Energy Saving - Smart Monitoring - Parts Cooling - Air Cleaning

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Cooler Air Saving – Patented system

VR Series coolers and AM Series amplifiers used together to pump cool air and extract warm air from an electrical cabinet at the same time, using a single compressed air delivery duct.

  • Effective electrical cabinet ventilation
  • Reduction of compressed air consumption
  • Optimised cooling results

No matter how much cool air is pumped into an electrical cabinet, the effectiveness and efficiency of cooling will never be optimal unless the warm air generated by the electrical components is not properly ventilated at the same time. With ventilation we mean both the creation of convection flows inside the cabinet which effectively distribute the air around the components and the actual extraction of warm air from the cabinet itself.

Using the Cooler Air Saving patented system by Simian Project, two results are obtained: the first, using the VR Series coolers, is the rapid, precise cooling of the components which heat the cabinet the most, due to the flexibility of installation (brackets and magnets) and the fact that the flow of cool air onto the main heat sources can be precisely directed (using adjustable nozzles); the second is the proper ventilation of the electrical cabinet given the extraction and blowing power generated by the AM Series air flow amplifiers, fed directly by the air flow discharged from the cooler.

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